Revenue Assurance

Control over costs

Another vital aspect is an organisation’s ability to ensure all their suppliers are invoicing them correctly and within the contractual terms.  Certain industry sectors, such as Telecoms, are well known for needing to invest heavily in additional staff, resources and systems just to try and resolve the problems associated with incorrect billing, however this problem is certainly not restricted to the Telecoms industry.  All organisations currently have the same problem to a greater or lesser extent with the overhead in terms of additional staff, resources and systems specifically employed to address the increasing problems.  TIAS provides a fast, thorough and accurate way for an organisation to ensure it has complete control over supplier costs relating to products or services provided.  Using TIAS to ensure the inventory is correct it further ensures that all invoices are also accurate.  Whether TIAS is used for ensuring billing accuracy going forward, or if necessary carrying out a historic review, it is the ideal platform for ensuring an organisation achieves high levels of Revenue Assurance.


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